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McGees is the in-store butcher at ASDA across Ireland. McGees partner with Marks to increase the strength of their brand to help them maximise their sales and elevate their profile in ASDA. Our refresh of the brand, redesign of the in-store counters and pre-packed range seriously impressed ASDA – so much so that they engaged with us to trial a new look McGees counter in their flagship Scottish store. The trial was such a success that the McGees brand and new look shop fit will now be gradually rolled out across the rest of ASDA UK.

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To increase McGees’ business, we help them with their commitment to develop occasion branded products and POS. These range extensions or pack developments are often created within very tight timescales to enable McGees to react quickly in their market. We also designed and programmed an interactive recipe finder for every McGees concession. It is designed to inspire the customer with a range of meat based meal ideas which the customer can email to themselves.  

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