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A WW1 diary named, ‘It Wasn’t All Sunshine’, written in 1920, rescued from the paper bin and preserved forever in a published book. Edited, designed and collated by the Marks team, this not-for-profit project took Larne man Robert McGookin’s original words and brought them to life with carefully selected imagery from the Imperial War Museum, The National Library of Scotland, the Larne Times and Larne Borough Council.

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IWAS became the focal point of Larne Borough Council’s WW1 centenary events because it clearly illustrated how WW1 affected the life of an ordinary citizen. Following publication, internationally recognised artist Graham Gingles took inspiration from the words of Robert McGookin to create his incredible installation, “At times like these, men were wishing they were all kinds of insects” which was displayed in the sunken gallery in The Mac, Belfast.

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